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FreeTemplateOffice is the fastest way to create great-looking office documents like business letters and invoices directly online and download them instantly. No login or account creation required. No word processor needed. Free of costs.

If you're satisfied with quick and dirty homebrew designs, garish font and color use, random indentation and unintendedly asymmetric layouts as found in free-downloadable templates for common word processors, then FreeTemplateOffice is not for you.

FreeTemplateOffice is powered by LaTeX (pronounced «Lah-tech»), the de facto standard for high-quality typesetting in academia. Each generated document starts as a template that is filled out online and is then compiled into a PDF file for immediate download.

The idea is to let you focus on the content, and leave the intricacies of composing an elegant layout to FreeTemplateOffice. This enables you to create professional documents like invoices, business letters or cover letters for your resume in the minimum amount of time, while avoiding the perception of being produced by an amateur.
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